Our onshore prototypes

The first prototype

The first validation of NENUPHAR’s concept was done with a 6 meters high vertical axis wind turbine. This 35kW prototype was built in a facility of the engineering school Art et Métiers in Lille in 2010 and has operated since 2011 in Ferques (North of France). It gave a first feedback on vertical axis turbine. This prototype has been dismantled in July 2016 

The 600kW onshore prototype

Built in 2014 in Fos-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean coast (South of France), the wind turbine has a height of 40m and a diameter of 50m. With such dimension, the prototype is currently the biggest operating vertical axis wind turbine in the world.

The wind turbine is equipped with a large number of sensors and the resulting data are analyzed in order to validate the aerodynamic model and the control system developed by NENUPHAR. It also gives a fundamental feedback on technological issue for the design of the commercial turbine such as the rotor architecture, the control of blade angle, the power conversion and the accessibility.

Straight blade

With the feedback of the first version of the 600kW onshore prototype, NENUPHAR optimized the blades of the wind turbine. In June 2015, three straight blades replaced twisted blades. The straight blades are lighter and easier to manufacture, therefore the cost of the wind turbine and and so the cost of the produced energy are reduced.

Two blade wind turbine

In October 2016, a third architecture will be tested on the onshore prototype: two straight blades equipped with a control system of the angle between the blade and the wind direction (pitch angle).

This architecture appears to be better for offshore application since the blades may be in a flag position. This position limits the stress on the machine and protects it when the wind speed is too much intense, without oversizing the turbine, the floater and the mooring.

Furthermore, the control of the pitch angle improves the production of energy of vertical axis wind turbine.

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