The company

Nénuphar initiated a major innovation in offshore wind turbines, namely the floating vertical axis wind turbines.  

With a design simpler than that of usual wind turbines, a vertical axis wind turbine naturally catches the wind regardless of its direction. Its contrarotative design with two wind turbines on one floater allows to considerably reduce investment costs and to achieve more than 20% Annual Energy Production increase compared with usual technology.

Nénuphar was founded 2006 and currently employs 42 people on three sites. The company operates onshore and offshore prototypes while working on the design of a first generation turbine suitable for large-scale manufacturing.




Creation of the company

1st 35kW vertical axis wind turbine prototype set up off Ferques

November 2011
Nenuphar joins the Vertiwind consortium which allows it to develop its onshore prototype (a project that received support from the ADEME through the Investissements d'Avenir)

April 2014
Areva and BPI join Nénuphar’s corporate capital

August 2014
Nénuphar opens premises in Aix-en-Provence in the Europôle de l'Arbois



Nénuphar opens premises on the campus of the Institut Pasteur in Lille – The Nénuphar team totals 10 persons

October 2011

Nénuphar sets up, together with its partners, the Inflow consortium in order to develop its offshore prototype (a project that received support from the European Commission through the 7th Frame Program)

ID Invest joins Nénuphar’s corporate capital

May 2014
Nénuphar sets up its 600kW vertical axis onshore prototype in Fos-sur-Mer

June 2015
Blade change on the onshore prototype (from tilted to vertical blades)

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